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SE+ is a cloud based technology that provides meeting planners the ability to plan, execute and generate non-dues revenue for events.


The SE+ team has over 40 years combined knowledge in the meeting industry, software development and marketing for non-profit organizations, as well as a team of experts around the world specializing in AV technology and content delivery.


SE+ provides a software solution that enables meeting planners to work through their meeting planning life cycle from beginning to end, utilizing one single vendor. SE+ offers complementing services and a software maintenance program to provide a long term solution for our clients at a sustainable cost.


SE+ is the only solution that provides meeting planners a single solution, enabling them to focus more on the planning than on the technicalities, SE+ focuses on the little details giving the Meeting Planners opportunity to focus on the large picture.


Founded in 2011, SE+ has what every meeting planner wants, every executive director needs and every meeting deserves, an efficient, effective way to deliver your educational content.